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  • Why they are not afraid to make mistakes
  • Confident people are motivated by health
  • How confidence relates to self-esteem. 
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Affirmations are used to reprogram the subconscious mind, to encourage us to believe certain things about ourselves or about the world and our place within it. Free Download.

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Do You Want To Start Your Own Business?

Want to Start Your Own Business but You’re Not Sure How? Here’s the Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Successfully Running Your Own Business!

Did you know that 63% of people in their 20’s either own a business or want to start one? How to Start Your Own Business is the ultimate guide for you to open up your own successful service business and maximize your life! In this book you’ll find:
  • Benefits to Self-Employment: Know the reasons why being your own boss is better than your 9 to 5 job
  • Tips on Overcoming Challenges: Learn the solutions to problems commonly faced by new business owners
  • Maintenance for Success: Determine your next steps to establish your business and how to keep it successful
Put your hope and ideas to life with the strong foundation you’re able to build from this book. It’s very easy to understand even for those who have never had a background in business before. 
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What People Are Saying Book Reviews

PJ Creativepaws

This book covers the topic of starting your own business from the standpoint of “being your own boss” having more priority over “9-5 daily routine”. This point alone greatly portrays its main title, How to Start Your Own Business, as it offers a glimmer of hope and awareness to its readers. It is a concise self-help book that, in my humble opinion, is worth anyone’s while especially for someone with an interest in living their life with purpose and freedom. Highly recommend this book.

Meet Authoress Verlisa

Hi I’m Verlisa, I absolutely love helping women overcome their struggle with limiting beliefs, uncertainty, and fears that keep them stuck and hold them back in life. I teach relatable methods that show women how to increase their self-value & confidence in life and business, so they can fiercely finesse a majesty mindset, boost confidence, and take charge of their life!

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