Behind the Beyond Purpose Blog

My name is Verlisa Hooks, and I am the Author and Creator of the Confidence Success Blog

I am an avid physical book reader (yes, the old-school way) I haven’t quite adapted to the Kindle tablet experience but that’s fine by me.  I love obtaining more knowledge and education as well.  I believe one must increase their knowledge and emotional intelligence to increase their self-awareness, social skills, empathy, self-regulation, and motivation in life. I have been researching and writing for many years now about self-improvement, self-development, confidence building in business, positive thinking, spiritual growth & mental health, mindfulness, meditation, and mindset hacking for obtaining more abundance and inner peace in life.

My Gift

My ability to sing and write hooks very well and effectively. I started writing songs at the tender age of 14, and formed a singing group of 5 girls while in high school. Eventually, I went solo for years and singing was the absolute only thing I wanted to do. More on that later.