How to Improve Body Image and Boost Your Confidence

The way that you view yourself has far-reaching impacts. When you’re dealing with low self-esteem, it can be hard to stay positive and open to experiences. Have you ever turned down an invitation because you didn’t feel good about your body? Or felt bad looking at a photo from an event you enjoyed? Learning how to improve body image can improve your life in so many ways!

We’re not talking about diving into a strict diet or exercise routine. Improving your body image is about reshaping your relationship with yourself, NOT changing your body! It’s okay that you don’t look the same way you looked in college. It’s okay that having a baby has changed your body. 

There is still so much about you to love. Spend your mental energy focusing on the positive aspects of yourself. Celebrate your body for what it is, instead of dwelling on what it isn’t. When you feel confident and have a healthy level of self-esteem, there is nothing you can’t do! 

Why Are Body Image and Confidence Important? 

Your self-esteem is all about how worthy you feel you are and your perception of how other people value you. When you feel good, when you feel worthy (because you absolutely are!), your confidence is reflected in your mental health and behaviors. 

Having high self-esteem means knowing yourself. It means knowing your strengths and weaknesses, being realistic, and feeling in control of your life. It means building a group of friends who appreciate you for you, people who will support and celebrate you.

When we talk about body image, we’re talking about your relationship with your physical self. How attractive you feel, how you think others view your body. Body image is often closely linked to your self-esteem. We all remember the struggles of our teenage years. Having a healthy body image means you have a healthier overall view of yourself and generally higher self-esteem and confidence.

How to Improve Body Image

When we think about how to improve body image, we often start by thinking about how we can change our bodies. The real key is changing the way you look at and think about yourself. 

Refocus On Positive Self-Talk

Do you ever catch yourself making negative comments about yourself? Or dwelling on negative aspects of your body? Try to reframe the way you think about your body. It does amazing things! 

Your body can create life. Your mind can create worlds, solve problems. Your hands can create amazing things, whether that’s a delicious meal to nourish your family or drawing a design for a new product.

Positive Self-Talk Exercise

Write down five things about your personality that you love. Then write down five things about your body that you love. It’s okay if the second list is harder — that’s why you’re doing it! There is so much about you to celebrate. When you write it down, it becomes more real and more present in your mind.

Make Time for Things That Make You Feel Good

Looking good isn’t the only way to improve body image. Our lives are full of so many other things that make us feel good. When you have poor body image, it can feel like that is the only thing in our lives. It can affect our moods and behaviors. 

Finding time for the things that make us feel good can improve our overall sense of self-esteem. Spend time with friends who aren’t focused on their bodies (their attitudes can help improve yours!). You can also spend time doing things that actively boost your self-esteem. These can be physical activities, like yoga or exercise, or things like spending time helping others.

Rely On Internal Confidence, Not External Confidence

Real confidence comes from within. Yes, it feels good to receive compliments, but you shouldn’t rely on other people as the basis for your confidence. Accept the compliments graciously, but remember that your appearance isn’t your most important feature.

No one is perfect. Trying to achieve perfection puts you in a position where you will, at some point, be disappointed. Those fitspo Instagrammers? Models in your favorite magazine? Their photos are edited and manipulated. Even they aren’t perfect.

Exercise to Improve Body Image

You are beautiful. You are intelligent. You have so much to offer! Think about all the things you like about yourself and, once again, write them down! When you’re having a down day, revisit your list. As your confidence improves, you’ll find even more to love about yourself.

Don’t Spend Too Much Time On Social Media

While spending time on social media can help you feel connected to your friends and family, it’s also been linked to low self-esteem. If you catch yourself comparing your life to other people’s lives on social media, remember you’re only seeing their highlights.

Actively try to reduce the time you spend on social media. Do an occasional social media detox by removing the apps from your phone. You’ll find that your self-esteem is likely to improve when you’re steering clear of the socials. Social media detoxes give you time to focus on the real people present in your life.

It’s okay to feel down about yourself sometimes, but dwelling in that headspace isn’t healthy or productive. Taking steps to improve body image will allow you to feel happier and healthier. Confidence opens so many doors. No matter how you feel right now, you have the ability to be confident and love your body.