Why I Love Journaling

I love journaling through the obstacles in my life and doing it creatively and have used it for many years.  I set goals yearly and up until recently, I lost track of them due to how absorbed I became in building businesses.  By nature, I am creative and think mostly with the artsy side of my brain which often kept me disinterested in science, math, and technology.

I have also written and produced several eBooks, audio series, and blog posts for the improvement of the lives of thousands of people even as a ghostwriter.  

In my articles and books, I focus on the relational and personal experience side, with practical, simple, and straightforward approaches for (mostly women). 

 Helping them to develop the skills to manifest inner powers necessary for achieving success and improving one’s life.

I can be blunt sometimes so don’t mind my delivery. It’s kinda in my DNA, my military training, and my peace officer training, not to mention my dad. 

However, I am also a mother of 3 beautiful children and they are my blessing and reason for building a legacy that can sustain itself beyond my life, something they can be proud of.  So, I am motherly as well and very protective which also came from the lack of protection I grew up with, essentially making me overly sensitive and fearful as a mother.  

Everything I have written is the result of years of study, personal experience, and of practicing and applying various inner development methods.